{ FAQ }

  1. Are these screenings open to public?
    Of course!

    Everyone is welcome to buy tickets and enjoy the documentary. Please check out our screening dates here.

  2. Will you have more screenings in the future?
    We certainly hope so!

    In order to commit to future screenings, we need to have everyone’s support for the current screenings as we prepay for full hall rental for every booking.

    If you like our documentary, please help us share our production with your friends and family members, and encourage them to come watch it! Thank you!

  3. How long is the documentary?
    70 minutes.

    Every screening starts promptly as we do not have advertisements.

  4. Will there be a DVD release or online streaming option in the future?
    We will work towards alternative releases but these are not our priority as we are now focused on giving everyone the best possible cinematic experience. Please come watch our documentary in the theatres if you can make it!

  5. Is this documentary available for private screening? Who do I contact?
    Write to hello@fvs2amk.com. Thank you for your interest.